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  • Live Concert with Dynamic Violinist DR. DRAW
  • Lester B. Pearson Civic Centre, September 25 at 7:30 p.m.
  • This very special concert event is a joint presentation of Elliot Lake Entertainment Series and Elliot Lake Arts on the Trail
  • Tickets: $15 available August 3 at Alpine Flowers & Gifts
  • We anticipate these tickets will go fast….make sure you have yours!
  • Website: http://www.myspace.com/doctordraw



“You play like Jimi Hendrix!”
- Richie Sambora, Bon Jovi guitarist


Dr. Draw’s musical repertoire spans the globe, incorporating many different elements such as rock, classical, pop, electronica, fusion, world and new funk, making this eclectic mix appealing to a diverse audience.
 - Cindy Frasier, Expose Entertainment Magazine


Dr. Draw made indie music history in Toronto in 2007 as all three of his albums charted on the official Top 30 Nielsen Soundscan sales chart on August 9, 2007 for the second time that summer including the #3 position on Aug. 9 for his latest CD Adagio, which ranked #70 nationally. He’s also charted at #25 in Toronto for his 2005 CD Train 64 and at #26 for his four-year-old debut The City. The same triple play happened in Edmonton and Calgary as well where he continues to have a huge fan base.


Dr. Draw on Dr. Draw!

When I originally began performing, my goal was to create a style and an honest way of presentation that would on its own possess the audience into a euphoric state. Upon taking effect, the individuals would feel like an invisible weight that brought them down and made them feel contained and restricted would evaporate. I had the talent to do this from the very beginning but it was in a raw state, but after all these years it has matured and now I am able to achieve exactly what I dreamed of; the pseudonym of Doctor that my fans have gave me is bona fide. The importance of this achievement is that after witnessing my performance the individuals within the audience feel empowered and less restricted to perpetually progress towards accomplishing their dreams. I do stress that it is an individual experience, because the music brings out distinct and personal qualities that make us all different. This is important especially right now when many other musical genres are based on marketing principals that ensure financial gain, but in this case the purity of the melodies and the intensity of the performances are meant not to ferment a mass mentality, but to break it down into individual experiences and in doing so help people to distinguish themselves.


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